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Free English Lessons Online/ is a free English language website, run by a CELTA-qualified and experienced English language teacher and a small team of tame and very friendly in-house web monkeys.

Free English Lessons Online is our lessons blog.

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Although we don't always have time to reply to individual emails, we always welcome your feedback and if there is anything you would like to see featured on our site, please feel free to make suggestions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who writes the materials for your site?

Sue Lyon-Jones writes all our lessons and quizzes. Sue is a freelance materials developer and teaching with ICT consultant based in the UK.

She publishes and creates the content for the award winning English Language website Esol Courses, and she also blogs at The Edtech Hub, (tips for educators on teaching with technology) and The PLN Staff Lounge (a lesson ideas and teacher development blog).

Who is your site for?

Sue's students, English language teachers looking for lesson ideas to use in the classroom, and adult learners who want to study English independently.

What version of English does your site use?

UK English
, unless the lesson or activity states otherwise

Why don't you allow comments on your blog?

We sometimes allow comments on our blog but we get a lot of spam, and so we may turn the comments function off at times when we're simply too busy to sift through it.

If you would like to comment or make a suggestion, please feel free to contact us via the email address at the top of the page.

Can I upload your worksheets and lessons to other sites?

No, you can't.
Our lesson materials are copyright. You need to obtain our permission in writing first before publishing them anywhere else on the Internet. If you upload them to another site without our permission, the person who owns the site may be charged a fee.

Are you interested in a link exchange?

No, thank you. We don't do link exchanges.

Are you interested in buying backlinks?

No, we're not.

Would you like to sign up to our affiliate program?

No, thank you.

Would you like to advertise on our site?

No thanks.

I would like to contribute some materials to your site.

Sorry, but we don't accept third party submissions, due to potential copyright issues.

Would you like me to write a guest post for one of your sites?

We only feature guest posts on our sites from ELT professionals that Sue knows personally. If you are part of Sue's PLN, then you would need to speak to her directly about that.

I'd like you to review my product/blog/article/book/one of my postings.

Sorry, but we don't feature reviews on this blog, we only post quizzes and lesson activities on here.

Can you give me your opinion on my website/article/product/essay?

Afraid not... We're a small outfit and our work keeps us very busy. We simply don't have the time to do that kind of thing.

Can you put a link to my website on one of your pages?

Sorry, no. We don't do that either.

I can't seem to find your site in foreign search engines. Would you like to pay me a ridiculous amount of money to help you fix that?

No, thanks. According to our stats, we already appear in foreign search engines. Maybe you just aren't looking hard enough ;-)


We are aware that spammers promoting sites like Hit-buster and Blog Blaster have been using forged email addresses that appear to come from our domain. If you have received an email with a noreply@(random letters +our domain name) type of address, it is a forgery and we apologise for any nuisance/inconvenience caused.