Thursday, October 22

English Food - Love it or Hate it?

The topic for this week's Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate Level English language lesson is English food. We would be grateful if you could complete the survey below before you start the lesson, to let us know what you think of English food.

Take Our Survey: English Food

What do you think of English food?
Take part in our survey and let us know.

What do you think of English food?
I like it
it's so-so
the food in my country is better
it's terrible!
I've never eaten English food

Thank you for completing our survey.

Do you agree with the results? Were you surprised by the results, or not?

Now work with another student or a friend to complete the tasks for this lesson.

Task 1

Work with your partner. Discuss the following questions and make some notes.

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1) How many typically British foods can you think of?
Write them down.

2) Have you ever eaten English food?

If yes, what did you think of it? Would you choose to eat it again?

If you have never eaten English food, would you like to try it? Why/Why not?

3) How does English food compare to the food in your home country?

4) Do you think British food has a good reputation, or a bad one? Why?

Task 2

Look at the traditional British meals below. Can you match them with the correct pictures?

A) ploughman's lunch B) Cornish pasty C) Sunday roast

D) bangers and mash E) toad in the hole F) sandwich G) black pudding

H) full English breakfast I) fish and chips J) shepherd's pie

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 9

Picture 10

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Task 3

Work with your partner. Answer the following questions.

1) Which of these do you think is the most popular meal in the UK?

a) fish and chipsOOOOOOb) spaghetti bolognese OOOOOOc) curry

d) full English breakfastOO e) pastaOOf) roast dinnerOOOOOO

2) True or false? Most British people eat a full English breakfast every day.

3) True or false? Many British people eat a roast dinner on Sundays.

4) True or false? Cookery lessons are compulsory for all 11-14 year olds in British schools.

5) True or false? Most British people eat their evening meal between 8pm and 9pm.

6) True or false? British people typically eat fish for Christmas lunch.

7) True or false? British food was voted the second most popular food in Europe in a 2008 survey.

8) Which of these is not a traditional accompaniment to English food?

a) mustardOOO b) picklesOOO c) wasabiOOO d) tomato ketchup

9) Which of these traditional British dishes is the odd one out? (and why?)

a) Cornish pasty OOO b) fish and chips

c) Yorkshire pudding OOO d) Lancashire hotpot

10) Which of these traditional British dishes is the odd one out? (and why?)

a) Yorkshire pudding OOO b) toad in the hole OOO

c) sausage and mash OOO d) pancakes

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Task 4

Try this matching quiz to test your knowledge of typical British food.

Match the English words that go together to form the names of popular British meals.

Matching Quiz - Typical British Food

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