Sunday, June 14 site update 15 June 2009

New additions 15th June 2009

Here's a summary of new quizzes that have been added to the site over the past week, for people who are following our web feed. Click on the links below to view the pages.



We've added another easy flash drag and drop picture matching quiz for ESOL beginners, elementary students and students with learning disabilities. Clicking on the new game button reloads the page with a different set of words and pictures.

Scroll down the page to view the vocabulary used in the exercise.

Breakfast Foods - ESOL Picture Matching Quiz for Beginners

Elementary/Pre-Intermediate +

We've uploaded another matching quiz on world foods to the site:

World Foods - Interactive ESL Word Matching Quiz 2

Elementary Level Online Gap Fill Exercises: - Adjectives to describe People

3 more celebrity-themed interactive gap fill exercises have been added to the site this week:

Elementary Level ESOL Gap Fill - Adjectives to describe people - Amy Winehouse

Elementary Level ESOL Gap Fill - Adjectives to describe people - Paris Hilton

Elementary Level ESOL Gap Fill - Adjectives to describe people - Samuel L. Jackson


We've added a printable worksheet on adjectives used to describe physical appearance, to go with the online exercises on our site:

Elementary Level ESL Reading and Writing Worksheets - Describing People - Barack Obama


We have added three new multiple choice Intermediate Level quizzes for ESOL learners about aspects of life in the UK (note: these pages use embedded Youtube videos).

Video listening comprehension quiz about an award-winning Scottish chip shop.

Intermediate Level ESL Video Listening Quiz - The Great British Menu - Fish & Chips

Working at Buckingham Palace:

Butlering at Buckingham Palace - Intermediate Level ESOL Video Listening Exercise

The Beatles

Intermediate Level EFL Video Listening Comprehension - Liverpool History - The Beatles

We hope you enjoy using the quizzes and worksheets on our site, and we welcome all feedback.

Revision Links

we are in the process of adding some revision links to the site to help students prepare for exams. This week we have added a page of useful links for students who are preparing to sit the IELTS exam.

IELTS - Useful Revision Links

Broken links? Please send an email to and let us know.