Monday, June 8

Esolcourses Update 8th June 2009

New additions 8th June 2009

Here's a summary of new quizzes that have been added to the site since last week, for people who are following our web feed. Click on the links below to view the pages.


We've added three new easy flash drag and drop picture matching quizzes for ESOL beginners, elementary students and students with learning difficulties/learning disabilities. Clicking on the new game button reloads the page with a different set of words and pictures.

At The Cafe - Easy ESL Drag and Drop Picture Quiz for Beginners

Classroom Words - Simple Flash ESOL Picture Match Quiz For Beginners

English Vocabulary For Fruit - Easy Picture Matching Quiz


We've added a new reading text for ESL beginners to the site this week, about a Mumbai taxi driver who won first prize on Indian quiz show Das Ka Dum. There are a couple of quizzes to go with the text and some audio files.

We've also uploaded a set of Entry 1 ESOL reading & writing worksheets and tutor notes to go with the text to the Talent website. The worksheets have been produced in large print format to make them more accessible for learners with visual difficulties.

The Real Slumdog Millionaire - E1 ESOL Reading Text, Audio & Pronunciation

The Real Slumdog Millionaire - Interactive Upper/Lower case Matching Quiz For ESL Beginners

The Real Slumdog Millionaire - ESL Grammar Quiz for Beginners - Making Sentences

The Real Slumdog Millionaire - Entry 1 ESOL Reading & Writing Worksheets


We've added three new multiple choice video listening quizzes to the site this week, for Intermediate Level ESOL learners. The first two videos are about aspects of British life and culture:

How to make a Traditional British Cuppa - Intermediate Level ESL Video Listening Quiz

Liverpool - The Beatles - Intermediate Level Video Listening Activity

The final video is a listening activity we uploaded for World Environment Day about two very interesting sustainable energy projects in Namibia and Kenya that the United Nations Development Programme is helping to fund.

Intermediate Level ESL Video Listening Quiz - Sustainable Energy Development Projects In Africa

We hope you enjoy using these quizzes and we welcome your feedback.

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