Thursday, June 18 Site Update 21 June 2009

New additions 23rd June 2009

Here's an update of new quizzes that have been added to our website recently, for people who are following our web feed. Click on the links below to view the pages.


Sports vocabulary

Sports and Activities - Picture Matching Quiz

Sports & Activities - Easy Interactive ESOL Word Search


Wimbledon - Interactive ESOL Crossword Puzzle

Wimbledon - Online ESL Word Search Puzzle


Online ESL Punctuation Quiz - Using Capital Letters

A printable worksheet for this activity is also available.

Adjectives - Comparatives and Superlatives

Interactive Multiple Choice ESOL Quiz - Comparative Adjectives - Comparing Places

Father's Day

Father's Day - Easy Online Wordsearch for Kids and ESOL Students

Father's Day - Elementary Level ESL Crossword

A printable Father's Day wordsearch is also available.


Royalty - Simple Interactive ESOL Word Search

We hope you enjoy using the quizzes and worksheets on our site, and we welcome all feedback.

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