Tuesday, June 2

Site Update: New ESOL Quizzes added 01/06/09

Here's a summary of new quizzes that have been added to the site over the past week, for people who are following our web feed. Click on the links below to view the pages.


Pre-Entry/Beginners/Elementary - English words for vegetables - Picture matching quiz

Simple flash drag and drop picture matching quiz. Clicking on the new game button will reload the page with a different set of words and pictures.

English for Work - Spelling Test - Vocabulary for retail jobs

Intermediate level spelling test for English students working in the retail sector.

English Vocabulary - adjectives for describing people's looks and appearance

A comprehensive vocabulary list of English adjectives to describe looks and appearance, with clear, simple definitions and example sentences. Three new interactive exercises have also been added for students to practise this language point:

Adjectives for Describing Looks - Gap Fill

A simple gap fill exercise for elementary level English students.

Adjective Synonyms - Drag and Drop Matching Quiz

A drag and drop flash quiz on adjective synonyms for describing people's looks and appearance, suitable for elementary level learners upwards.

Adjective Antonyms - Drag and Drop Matching Quiz

Another drag and drop matching quiz for describing people's looks and appearance, this time on adjective opposites. Suitable for elementary level students upwards.

Reading Comprehension

Slumdog Millionaire - Intermediate Level ESL Reading Quiz

As the release of Slumdog Millionaire to DVD has seen it featuring in the news again, we've uploaded a new Intermediate level reading quiz to the site to go with the Slumdog Millionaire Reading Comprehension Worksheet we added to the site at the beginning of March. The quiz uses the same reading text as the worksheet, but features a different set of questions.

Listening Comprehension

English For Work - Video Listening Quiz - Your Rights at Work

Video listening quiz based on a Youtube video with BSL subtitles about fair treatment at work, suitable for intermediate level ESOL students upwards.

The Real Slumdog Millionaire - Video Listening Comprehension Exercise

Video quiz suitable for Pre-Intermediate level students upwards, about Mumbai resident Vishal Netke, a poor rikshaw driver who won the top prize on Indian game show 10 Ka Dum.

Terminator Salvation - ESL Video Listening Comprehension Quiz

Multiple choice video listening quiz for Intermediate Level learners upwards. The quiz is based on a theatrical trailer which is rated as suitable for all audiences.

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