Sunday, July 26

English Conversation Questions - Happiness

What Makes You Happy?

This video features some interesting quotes by famous people about happiness. Which ones do you agree with? Are there any quotes that you disagree with? Why? (click here to view a larger version of the video)

Speaking and Listening Practice

Here are some conversation questions for English students on the subject of happiness, to help you practise your English. Ask your friends and family these questions and write down their answers. You can print out a worksheet for this activity here:

ESL Conversation Questions: What Makes You Happy? : Printable Worksheet

Conversation Questions about happiness:

What makes you happy?

Are you a happy person?

When were you happiest? Why?

What things make you happy? Why?

Who makes you happy? Why?

Does your job make you happy?

Do your hobbies make you happy?

Are there any films that make you happy?

Do you enjoy making other people happy?

Would winning a lot of money make you happy? Why/Why not?

Do you think some people are naturally happy?

Who is the happiest person you know? Why?

Reflection: What did you learn from doing this task?

Did anyone's answers to these questions surprise you? If so, what surprised you, and why?

Did you learn any new vocabulary while doing this task? If so, what new words did you learn?

Check back for more exercises on this topic later in the week....