Thursday, July 30

Moving House - How to Pack Clothes

Following Instructions - How to Pack Clothes

Today's ESL lesson for Intermediate level English students will help you practise following and understanding simple instructions in English.

First, watch this short instructional video from Howcast. The video gives some useful tips on packing your clothes away when you are getting ready to move house.

Click the play button in the centre of the video to begin. Click the pause button if you feel you need to work through the video more slowly at any point. Click the re-wind button on the left to go back to the start of the video.

Then, print out the quiz sheet below.

How to Pack Clothes - Intermediate Level ESL Worksheet

After you have printed out the quiz sheet, watch the video for the second time. Listen carefully to pick out the specific information you need to answer the questions. Watch the video again if you get stuck on any of the questions.

Complete the gaps in the worksheet, using the verbs below:
(you may need to use some words more than once)












Finally, print out the answer sheet below to check your answers when you have completed the quiz.

How to Pack Clothes - Intermediate Level ESOL Worksheet - Answers