Wednesday, July 1 site update 01 July 2009

Here is this week's update of new pages that have been added to our website. Click on the links below to view the pages.


Banksy - Intermediate Level Video Listening Quiz

Video listening quiz about an art exhibition which is currently running in Bristol, featuring the controversial British artist, Banksy.

Banksy - Video Listening Quiz for Intermediate Level ESOL Students

Festivals & Celebrations

Independence Day - Wordsearch

An easy interactive ESL word game for beginner level students and upwards. A set of printable worksheets for Elementary students on the Fourth of July is also available.

US Independence Day ESL Word Search


Intermediate level Video listening quiz and interactive wordsearch about the Glastonbury Festival.

Glastonbury - Interactive ESL Word Search

Glastonbury Festival - ESOL Video Listening Quiz For Intermediate Level Students



A simple wordsearch puzzle for English language beginners, students with learning disabilities and kids. An interactive crossword puzzle on this topic is also available.

Colours - Simple English Word Search for ESOL Beginners


Two simple interactive matching quizzes, suitable for beginners upwards. Learners are given the task of matching up a range of different things you can buy with the correct shop. Other interactive games and quizzes on this topic are also available.

Shops and Shopping - ESL Drag and Drop Matching Quiz 1

Shops and Shopping - ESL Drag and Drop Matching Quiz 2

Grammar - Articles

Hot Potatoes Gap fill exercise on indefinite articles about places and festivals, suitable for upper elementary learners and above.

Indefinite Articles ESOL Gap Fill Exercise

New Menu Pages

Finally, we've added some new menu pages which hopefully will make our site easier for visitors to navigate. There are four new menus in total: Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening and Life in The UK. All of these menus can be accessed from the front page at the moment and will eventually be linked in to all our other pages.

We hope you enjoy visiting our site, and we welcome all feedback.