Friday, October 9

Intermediate English Lesson - Dare to be Different?

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The topic for this week's Intermediate level English lesson is conformity. Are you a conformist, or do you dare to be different?

Task 1 Click here to download a worksheet for this task

Read what these people have to say about conformity. Which person do you agree with most?

Task 2

Print out this questionnaire on peer pressure and complete it.

When you have finished, compare your answers with another student or a friend and discuss them.

Task 3

Work with a partner or friend. Discuss the questions below and make notes.

1) Is conformity generally a good thing, or not?

What positive aspects do you think there are to being a conformist?

Do you think there are any negative aspects to being a conformist?

2) Can you think of any situations where not conforming might get you into trouble?

Task 4

Watch this video clip from the film Billy Elliot. The main character in the film, Billy Elliot, is someone who dares to be different and defies convention in order to pursue his dream.

Work with a partner or friend.

Watch the video again and discuss the questions below:

1) What do you think the film is about?

2) What does Billy Elliot do that defies convention?

3) How do you think his family reacts to this?

4) How do you think the story ends?

Watch the video clip again and discuss your answers.

Click here to read a synopsis of the film and check your answers.

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A Fun Survey for you to try:

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