Sunday, September 27

Pre-Intermediate Lesson - True Love

The topic for this week's Pre-Intermediate level English lesson is True Love. There is a saying by the famous English writer William Shakespeare which goes, "The course of true love never did run smooth".

What do you think this saying means?

Watch this fun animation about a pair of "loved-up" octopuses, and see if you can guess!

Task 1

What is the story about?

Work with a partner or friend. Watch the video again.

Re-arrange the events below in the order that they happen:
  • The man gets into the van.
  • The van falls into the sea.
  • The man starts up the engine.
  • The man drives the van at the octopuses.
  • The orange octopus escapes from the tank.
  • A seagull carries the orange octopus away.
  • The man sees the orange octopus is in the van.
  • The shopkeeper takes the pink octopus out of the tank.

Task 2

Look at the sentences for Task 1.

Can you find more interesting verbs to replace the verbs in these sentences?

Work with a partner or friend.

Re-write the sentences, using different verbs.

Task 3

How did the octopuses get in the tank?

What do you think happened to them after the story ended?

Do you think they lived "happily ever after?"

Work with another student or a friend.

  • Write either a short prequel or a sequel for the story.
  • Brainstorm your ideas first, and then make notes.
  • When you are happy with your story, write about a paragraph or so.
  • Remember to check your work for mistakes when you have finished!

More activities:

Task 4

Imagine you want to send a tweet or a text about this video to a friend.

What words might you use to describe the video?

Work with a friend or partner.

Brainstorm some ideas and then compose a brief message together.

Use text abbreviations to make your message shorter if you need to.

When you are ready, send your message.

Send this URL with your message, to link to the video:

If you are using Twitter to tweet your message, log in here:

If you are sending a text, here are some links to sites you can use to send texts for free:

(remember to take care when giving personal information out on websites!)


UK only:

Task 5

Discuss the video with other students or friends on Twitter.

Use the hashtag #esolcourses to help you find other people's posts.


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