Tuesday, November 24

Thanksgiving in The USA

The topic for this week's Elementary level English activity is Thanksgiving. People in the USA celebrate Thanksgiving every year, on the fourth Thursday in November.

This year, Thanksgiving falls on the 25th of November. The Thanksgiving celebrations last for four days.

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Task 1

at the word search puzzle below.

How many Thanksgiving words can you find?

Click on the words as you find them.

Make Your Own Word Search

Task 2

Read about using capital letters and full stops.

Language Point - Using capital letters and full stops

We use capital letters:

- At the start of every sentence - example:

- for the personal pronoun "I" - example: I had soup for lunch.

- for people's names - examples: John and Edward, Michelle Obama, Donny Osmond

- for companies and organisations - examples: Walmart, Staples, Sears

- for titles of books and films - example: The Twilight Saga: New Moon

- for TV programmes - examples: X-Factor, Dancing With The Stars

- for days of the week and months - examples: January, Monday, etc

- for places, countries, nationalities and languages - examples: *Turkey, America, English

(*the country Turkey begins with a capital letter; the bird turkey begins with a small 't')

- For names of religions, special days and holidays - examples: Eid, Mother's Day

Task 3

Punctuation Practice

Write these sentences out again, using the correct punctuation.

Put in the missing full stops and capital letters.

thanksgiving is a harvest festival and family holiday

people in the usa celebrate thanksgiving every year

thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth thursday of november in the usa

this year thanksgiving is on november 25th

thanksgiving is a big family celebration

people travel from all over the usa to be with their family for the holiday

roads and airports get very busy over thanksgiving weekend

many big cities hold parades and other special events

thanksgiving was originally a christian religious festival

Many non-christians also enjoy celebrating thanksgiving

traditional thanksgiving foods include turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce, sweetcorn and sweet potatoes

A sweet dessert called pumpkin pie is also eaten

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