Thursday, December 3

Christmas Adjectives - Puzzles and Activities

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alt=This week's topic for Elementary level ESL learners is Christmas adjectives.

Adjectives are describing words. Examples:

Christmas trees are green.

Santa wears a red suit.

Christmas is a happy time for most people.

Task 1

How many Christmas adjectives can you find in the word search below?

Click on the words as you find them.

Christmas Adjectives Word Search

Make Your Own Word Search

Too easy? click on the link below for a more challenging word search puzzle:

Christmas Adjectives - Word Search Puzzle >>

Task 2

Christmas Adjectives - Jumbled Words

Can you unscramble the Christmas adjectives in these sentences?

1) Christmas is an cegixnit time for little children!

2) We wish you a reymr Christmas and a phayp New Year.

3) Red and green are very vestefi colours.

4) Santa Claus is a very lyjol person!

5) I had a very joyenebal time last Christmas.

6) I'm hoping for a fleapuce Christmas this year.

7) Christmas is a Christian lyoh festival.

8) Christmas is a very flojuy occasion.

Click on the link below to do an online quiz and check your answers:

Christmas Adjectives - Gap Fill Exercise >>

Task 3

The final task for this lesson is to practise some more vocabulary for talking about Christmas. Click on the links below to learn some words for Christmas things and activities, and do a quiz.

Christmas Vocabulary >>

Christmas - Picture Matching Quiz >>

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