Wednesday, December 23

Pre-Intermediate English: Using The Imperative

The language point for today's video listening lesson is the imperative.

We use the imperative for giving instructions.

Instructions often use sequencing words.

Example: How to make a cup of tea.

First, put a teabag in a cup
, pour some boiling water in the cup
then, add milk and sugar
finally, stir with a spoon before drinking.

Task 1

Watch this video about learning to ice skate.

Click the play button to watch the video.

Scroll down to read the questions, and then watch the video again. Watch the video as many times as you need to.

When you think you know the answers, try putting the instructions in order.

Can you put these instructions in the order that they appear in the video?

Use the sequencing words first, next, then and finally.

You will need to use some sequencing words more than once.

_______ learn how to do turns and go around corners

_______ learn how to move forward

_______ learn how to stop

_______ hold on to the side of the ice and move your feet

_______ learn how to skate backwards

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Task 2

Instructions often begin with sequencing words.

Can you re-arrange the words in these instructions into sentences that make sense?

(Hint: your sentences should start with a capital letter and end with a punctuation mark.)

1) move First, the onto hold feet. sides your and

2) forward. moving start Next,

3) around to turns go learn and corners. Then,

4) backwards. practise moving Next,

5) to turns. learn how Then, do

to Finally, stop! learn how

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