Tuesday, January 12

Elementary English Lesson - Prepositions of Place

The topic for this week's Elementary Level English lesson is English words for prepositions of place. Prepositions of place are words we use to show where things are in relation to other things.

Here are some English words for prepositions of place. Look up any words that you don't know in the dictionary, and make a note of what they mean.

  • near (or by)
  • next to
  • behind
  • in
  • on
  • at
  • inside
  • opposite
  • below (under, underneath, beneath)

Task 1

How many English words for prepositions of place can you find in this easy word search puzzle?

Click on the words as you find them.

English Words for Prepositions of Place

Make Your Own Word Search

Task 2

Choose the correct preposition of place to complete these sentences:

1) The cat is ________ (in/on/inside) the wall.

2) The boy is ________ (at/in/on) the bike.

3) The cars are ________
(in/on/beneath) the car park.

4) The bus is ________
(between/at/on) the bus stop.

5) The birds are ________ (between/inside/near to) each other.

The dog is ______ (in/behind/next to) the postbox.

Click on the link below to do an online quiz and check your answers:

Prepositions of Place - Elementary Level English Quiz >>

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