Sunday, January 17

Intermediate English Lesson - Britain From Above

This week's lesson for Intermediate English students is about life in the UK. This short, interesting video about Britain seen from above at night will help you to practise your English listening skills.


Click the play button to watch the video. don't try to understand all the words. Listen out for the main idea of what the video is about.

Scroll down to read the questions, and then watch the video again for a second time to see if you can find the answers.

Click on the link below to do a quiz and see if you got the answers right.

Britain From Above - Intermediate ESL Video Listening Quiz >>


1) How many people live in Britain?

2) How many people does each spark of light represent?

3) How many people live in the mountains of Scotland and Wales per square mile?

4) How many families live along the coast of Britain per square mile?

5) Which English cities are mentioned in the video?

6) How many people live in the big cities per square mile?

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