Thursday, January 7

Intermediate English Lesson - The Big Freeze

The topic for this week's Intermediate English lesson is winter weather. In 2010, Britain experienced the most severe snowfalls in recent history. Many trains and buses were cancelled, leaving commuters stranded. Schools and colleges around the country were closed and the Met Office warned people to expect more bad weather to come.

Were you affected by the big winter freeze?

Pre-Task activity

Watch this video about the extreme weather that the UK experienced at the beginning of 2010.

Task 1

Ask a friend or student the questions below. Write down their answers.

1) Have you ever been stranded due to bad weather? If yes, what happened?

2) Do you come from a hot country or a cold country?

3) How many seasons does your home country have?

4) What's the weather like in your home country at this time of year?

5) How does the weather in your home country compare to where you live now? What is different about it?

6) Do you prefer hot weather or cold weather?

7) Does it ever snow in your home country?

8) Do you enjoy it when it snows, or not?

9) Have you ever built a snowman?

10) Have you ever been skiing, or tried any other winter sports?

Task 2

Get your partner to ask you the same questions. Discuss your answers, and compare them.

Task 3

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image credit: Nasa