Saturday, February 27

Saint David's Day - Elementary English Lesson

This week's English lesson for Elementary English students is about Saint David's Day. Saint David is the Patron Saint of Wales. Wales is part of the United Kingdom. On March 1, Welsh people celebrate Saint David's Day.

Saint David's Day is an important national day for Welsh people.

People in Wales have their own language, called Welsh. The Welsh name for Saint David is Dewi Sant.

Task 1 - Read About Saint David's Day

Click on the link below to read about modern Saint David's Day celebrations in Wales, and do a quiz.

Task 2 - What kind of place is Wales?

Watch this slideshow and listen to a traditional Welsh song, "Men of Harlech".

What kind of country do you think Wales is?

Create your own video slideshow at

Task 3 - Wordsearch

Here are some words you might use to talk about Wales. Can you find them in the Word Search below?

Make Your Own Word Search

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