Sunday, February 14

Valentine's Day Recipes - Video Listening Quiz

Happy Valentine's Day!

People all around the world celebrated Valentine's Day on February 14.

Practise your English with this Valentine's Day listening activity for IELTS students and Advanced English learners.

Task 1

Watch and listen to this short Valentine's Day message from celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, and then scroll down the page to answer some questions.


1) What is Jamie's idea of a romantic meal for two people?

2) What does Jamie suggest you shouldn't do, if you want to be picky?

3) What type of cake is Jamie making in the video clip?

4) What does Jamie serve the dessert with, in the video?

5) What type of fruit does Jamie use in the recipe?

6) What kind of recipes does Jamie's website feature?

7) What type of sauce does Jamie use in the recipe?

8) What is the URL of Jamie's website?

8) What type of accent does Jamie Oliver have?

Task 2

Click on the link below to do an online quiz and check your answers.

Jamie Oliver - Valentine's Day Recipe Listening Quiz >>

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