Saturday, March 13

Mother's Day - Elementary Quizzes and Activities

The topic for this week's English activities for Elementary students is Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is celebrated in England on Sunday, March 14 this year. Mother's Day is also known as Mothering Sunday.

Task 1

Mother's Day Word Search

How many words connected with Mother's Day can you find in this word search puzzle?
Too easy? Try this Mother's Day Word Search instead >>

Make Your Own Word Search

Task 2

Mother's Day Crossword Puzzle

Practise your English with this easy Mother's Day crossword. Use the words in the word box and the clues to help you solve the puzzle.

Click here to do an online version of the crossword instead >>

Mothers Day Crossword Puzzle

Task 3

Mother's Day - Speaking and Listening Activities

Mother's Day is celebrated on different dates around the world. When do people celebrate Mother's Day in your country?

Work with another student or a friend. Ask your partner these questions. Write down their answers.

1) When do people in your country celebrate Mother's Day?

2) Does your country have any special Mother's Day customs and traditions?

3) How do people celebrate Mother's Day in your country?

4) What other family holidays do people in your country celebrate?

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