Saturday, April 17

English Lesson - Forces of Nature: Volcanoes

This week's lesson for Pre-Intermediate English students is about volcanoes. On Wednesday April 14, a volcano in southern Iceland called Eyjafjallajökull began to erupt. The eruption has created a large ash cloud which began drifting across Europe, grounding planes and causing travel chaos for many people. The volcano doesn't appear to be settling down and there are concerns that it could continue to erupt for some time yet.

Pre-Listening Vocabulary Task

Can you find the hidden words in the word search below?
Look up any words you don't know the meaning of in a dictionary.
Click here for a more challenging word search on volcanoes, if you find this task too easy.

Make Your Own Word Search

Listening Task

Watch the video clip below and then scroll down to answer some questions.

Questions 1) Which airport is the presenter trying to fly from? 2) Which city does he want to fly to? 3) What day was he due to to fly? 4) Why didn't his plane take off? 5) When was the last time that British airspace was closed? 6) How many European flights were due to take off the previous day? 7) How long does the presenter suggest the problem could go on for? 8) What happened to the plane that flew into an ash cloud in 1982? 9) Why have some insurance companies refused to pay out? Click on the link below to do an online quiz and check your answers: European Flights Grounded by Ash Cloud - Video Listening Quiz Related Activities Volcanoes - Intermediate Level Word Search Puzzle Volcanoes - Listening Quiz for IELTS & Advanced English Students Landslides - Word Search Puzzle Activity Landslides - Video Listening Quiz for IELTS and Advanced Students Earthquakes - Word Search Puzzle Activity image credit: jovinsson on Flickr