Thursday, April 29

Elementary English - The 2010 FIFA World Cup

The topic for this week's Elementary English activities is The 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The World Cup is the biggest and most important men's football competition in the world. The World Cup is held every four years and teams from thirty-two countries take part in the competition. This year, the World Cup will take place in South Africa, between June and July.

Task 1

How many words connected with the World Cup can you find in this word search puzzle?

Too easy? Click here for a more challenging Word Search >>

Make Your Own Word Search

Task 2

Can you sort the words below into alphabetical order?











Click on the link below to do an online quiz and check your answers.

World Cup Matching Quiz - Sort Words into Alphabetical Order >>

Task 3

The letters in the words below have been mixed up. Can you unscramble them?

The first answer has been done for you.

1) balofotl football

2) ziper

3) carAfi

4) loga

5) puc

6) nuJe

7) replay

8) drowl

9) blal

10) meat

Click on the link below to do an online quiz and check your answers.

2010 FIFA World Cup - Elementary ESL Spelling Quiz >>

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