Sunday, April 25

English Words That are Difficult to Spell

The topic for this week's lesson activities for Upper Intermediate and IELTS students is English words that are difficult to spell.

Task 1

Look at the statements below. Some of the words written in bold type have been spelt incorrectly. Can you identify them?

Read through the sentences carefully to see if you can spot the spelling mistakes.

1) Most people tend to abreviate long words when sending text messages.

2) Passing the IELTS exam can often give students a real sense of achievement!

3) Don't forget to take out insurance cover for personal possessions, if you are living in rented acommodation.

4) Always make sure you obtain a receit from your landlord for any rent you have paid.

5) Thanksgiving is an autumn festival celebrated by people in the USA, Canada and some other parts of the world.

6) There are very few women entrepreners working in Silicon Valley.

7) Students who turn up late for a lesson will be expected to provide a reasonable explaination as to why they failed to arrive on time.

8) It's my birthday tomorrow, so I've booked a table in an Italian restaurant to celebrate with my family and friends.

9) When purchasing expensive items, is important to check that they come with a written garantee.

10) In Febuary, the weather in the UK is generally cold.

Task 2

Click on the link below to view the correct spellings, and do a quiz.

Spelling Difficult Words - Online Word Search Activity >>

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