Tuesday, June 1

Elementary English Lesson for Kids - Dinosaurs

As June 1 is National Dinosaurs Day, this week's Elementary English lesson is about dinosaurs!

Task 1

How many words connected with Dinosaurs can you find in this word search puzzle?

Make Your Own Word Search

Task 2

Another dinosaur vocabulary activity - can you unscramble these jumbled words?

a) Rex-T

b) sifols

c) snobe

d) cientan

e) stilpree

f) umumse

g) toneskel

h) playdis

Task 3

Can you complete the gaps in these sentences with the correct verb form?

a) Dinosaurs _______ (lives/lived/live) millions of years ago.

b) Dinosaurs _______ (was/were/are) reptiles.

c) Many dinosaurs ______ (ate/eats/eat) plants.

d) Dinosaurs _______ (are/is/was) now extinct.

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image credits: Clker, Wikimedia Commons (public domain)

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