Friday, June 25

Toy Story: Elementary English Lesson

This week's Elementary level English lesson for young learners is about the film Toy Story 3.

Watch this trailer for the film, and then scroll down the page to do the tasks.

Click the play button to watch the video.

Task 1


1) What kind of toy is Woody?

a) a sailor
b) a soldier
c) a cowboy

2) What kind of toy is Buzz Lightyear?

a) a dinosaur
b) an astronaut
c) a policeman

3) Who used to own the toys?

a) Andy
b) Hamm
c) Ken

4) Why did his mother give the toys away?

a) because he had too many toys
b) because he had told her he didn't want them any more
c) because he was going to college

5) Where were the toys donated to?

a) Sunnydale
b) Sunnyside
c) Sesame Street

Click here to check your answers and see how many you got right >>

Task 2

Work with another student or friend, and discuss these questions.

1) Why did the toys want to escape from their new home?

2) What did the toys do, in order to escape?

3) What else do you think happens in the film, that we don't see in the trailer?

4) How do you think the film ends?

5) Is this a film that you would like to go and see? Why/why not?

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image credit: sciondriver on Wikimedia Commons