Monday, June 7

Elementary English - Countries and Nationalities

This week's English lesson for Elementary ESL students and kids is about English words for countries and nationalities.

Task 1

The 2010 World Cup kicks off this week!

There are 32 countries playing in the World Cup.

How many of them can you find in this word search puzzle?

Click here for a more challenging puzzle, if this one is too easy.

Make Your Own Word Search

Task 2

Can you sort these World Cup teams into alphabetical order?

South Africa






Korea Republic


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Task 3

Can you unscramble these jumbled World Cup countries?

a) langEnd

b) menyGar

c) SAU

d) Sebari

e) riagAle

f) raliastuA

g) nahaG

h) venialoS

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Task 4

Can you spot the correct nationality for the countries below?

a) Netherlands

1) Netherlese 2) Hollandish 3) Dutch

b) Denmark

1) Danish 2) Denmarkian 3) Danilese

c) Japan

1) Japanish 2) Japanese 3) Japanian

d) Cameroon

1) Cameroonish 2) Cameroonese 3) Cameroonian

e) Italy

1) Italese 2) Italish 3) Italian

f) Paraguay

1) Paraguayan 2) Paraguanian 3) Paraguayish

g) New Zealand

1) New Zealandish 2) New Zealander 3) New Zealandese

h) Slovakia

1) Slovakian 2) Slovakanese 3) Slovakish

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