Thursday, July 8

Elementary English Grammar: Making Questions

This week's Elementary English activity for young learners is about word order in sentences, and making questions.

This is Yoda.

Yoda is an alien. He comes from a galaxy far, far away.

Yoda doesn't speak English very well.

Can you help him with his English?

The words in these questions have been mixed up.

See if you can help Yoda put them into the right order.

(hint: the questions need to begin with a capital letter, and end with a question mark)

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1) help me, please? Can you

2) speak English? Do you?

3) live? Where do you

4) English? are you

5) old are you? How

6) football? like Do you

7) the piano? play Can you

8) day What is it today?

9) have pets? any Do you

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