Thursday, July 1

Independence Day: History of The Fourth of July

This week's lesson for IELTS students and Advanced learners is about Independence Day.

People in the USA celebrate Independence Day every year, on the Fourth of July.

Watch this short video about the history of Independence Day, and then scroll down the page to do a quiz and check how much you have understood.


1) Which of these things did the colonists in America not have to pay tax on?

a) stamps

b) beards

c) property

2) True or false? The colonists had elected Members of Parliament back in the UK to represent their interests.

a) true

b) false

c) the video doesn't say

3) True or false? The colonists protested peacefully against paying taxes.

a) true

b) false

c) the video doesn't say

4) True or false? Some colonists weren't sure that they wanted independence.

a) true

b) false

c) the video doesn't say

5) What happened on the 19th of April, 1775?

a) There were riots in the colonies

b) King George ordered his troops to shoot at the colonial militia

c) the video doesn't say

6) On what date did twelve of the colonies declare themselves independent?

a) July 2, 1776

b) July 4, 1776

c) the video doesn't say

7) Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?

a) John Adams

b) Benjamin Franklin

c) Thomas Jefferson

8) Who was the first person to sign the declaration?

a) John Adams

b) John Hancock

c) Benjamin Franklin

9) How did people mark the first Fourth of July celebration?

a) by lighting bonfires and setting off fireworks

b) by throwing a tea party

c) the video doesn't say

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