Monday, August 9

Business English Vocabulary: Entrepreneur

What does the word entrepreneur mean?

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Watch this short video clip about the word entrepreneur, and then scroll down the page to answer some questions.


Task 1

Complete the gaps in the sentences below, using the words from the word cloud.

word cloud created with ABCya!

1) Rachel Elnaugh describes herself as an __________.

2) Rachel starred on the first two _______ of the BBC TV show Dragons Den.

3) Rachel is now a ________ to many small businesses.

4) An entrepreneur is a business owner who is prepared to take _____.

5) It is important to have the right _____ in order to succeed in business.

6) Entrepreneurs need to have self _______ in order to make things happen.

7) Entrepreneurs need to be _________ enough to push their ideas through.

8) Entrepreneurs need to have ______ and energy and be highly motivated.

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Task 2

Work with another student or friend. Ask your partner these questions and write down their answers.

1) What qualities do you think are needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

2) Have you ever considered starting your own business? Why/Why not?

If you answered yes, what type of business would you like to run?

3) Do you think you would make a good entrepreneur? Why/Why not?

Compare your answers, and discuss any differences.

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