Intermediate English: Notting Hill Carnival

This week's listening activity for Intermediate English students is about the Notting Hill Carnival. The Notting Hill Carnival is a very famous London event, which takes place every August.

Watch this video clip about the Notting Hill Carnival, and then scroll down the page to do a quiz.

Watch the video again to find the answers to these questions.

Question 1

When was the first Notting Hill Carnival held?

a) 1954
b) 1960
c) 1964

Question 2

How did The Notting Hill Carnival originally start off?

a) As a festival for African People.
b) As a festival for Afro Caribbean people
c) As a festival for South East Asian people

Question 3

When is the Notting Hill Carnival held?

a) On Saturday, Sunday and Monday of August Bank Holiday weekend
b) On Saturday and Sunday of August Bank Holiday weekend
c) On Sunday and Monday of August Bank Holiday weekend

Question 4

True or false?

Notting Hill Carnival is the biggest carnival in the world.

a) true
b) false

Question 5

How many sound stages are there at the carnival?

a) Around 20
b) Around 30
c) Around 40

Question 6

True or false? Sunday is the busiest day of the carnival.

a) true
b) false

Question 7

How many people attend the Notting Hill carnival every year?

a) About one million
b) About one and a half million
c) About nine and a half million

Question 8

Notting Hill is in which part of London?

a) in North London
b) in East London
c) in West London

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