Tuesday, January 25

Pre-Intermediate English: Burns Night

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This week's English activity for Pre-Intermediate English language students is about Burns Night.

Burns Night is celebrated on January 25, on the birthday of the national poet of Scotland, Robert Burns.

Task 1

Watch the video below of a Burns supper to learn more about Burns Night and see some of the typical ways that people celebrate it.

Task 2

Can you complete the gaps in these sentences, using the words in the word box below?

haggis celebratespeech

a) People in Scotland __________ Burns Night on _______ 25.

b) Robert Burns is regarded by many people as the national poet of _____ .

c) Burns suppers are held around the world to mark the ________ of Robert Burns.

d) The evening usually begins with a welcome ______ by the host.

e) Guests drink a toast to Robert Burns, and eat ________ .

f) The evening usually ends with people ______ the song Auld Lang Syne.

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