Friday, February 18

English Word of The Week - Evasive

The word evasive is an adjective, which can be used in the following ways:

1) To describe situations when it becomes necessary to avoid something or someone, to escape from danger.

Example sentence:

The army took evasive action and changed their route, to avoid being attacked by their enemies.

2) To describe someone who takes pains to avoid answering difficult questions that are put to them.

Example sentence:

When asked if he had plans to raise taxes after the election, the politician was evasive and declined to answer.

Listen to a British Government minister giving a master-class on how to be evasive, in this amusing clip from a radio interview programme below.

Related words

evade verb

evasively adverb

evasiveness noun

Synonyms for the word evasive

How many synonyms (words with the same, or similar meaning) can you think of for the word evasive?

Work with another student or partner and see if you can make a list.

We will publish a list of synonyms later.

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