Friday, March 18

Red Nose Day: Pre-Intermediate Listening

Following on from our reading quiz earlier this week about charity donations, this week's activity for Pre-Intermediate English learners is about Red Nose Day.

March 18 is Red Nose Day in the UK. How much do you know about Red Nose Day?

Watch this short video clip, and then scroll down the page to answer some questions and check how much you have understood. You will need to watch the video carefully, as some of the answers to the questions are given in the text that appears on screen!


1) What type of sauce is Gordon cooking up for Comic Relief in the video?

a) Chinese sauces
b) Indian sauces
c) Italian sauces

2) How much money is donated to Comic Relief for every plate of curry sold?

a) £1.00
b) £2.00
c) £5.00

3) How much money from every jar of sauce sold goes to Comic relief?

a) 10p
b) 20p
c) The video doesn't say

4) What is the veggie curry in the video served with?

a) rice
b) noodles
c) salad and naan bread

5) What style of dancing are the girls performing in the video?

a) Hollywood
b) Bollywood
c) The video doesn't say

6) Where is Brick Lane?

a) Coventry
b) Birmingham
c) London

7) The brand of cooking sauce that Gordon sells is called...?

a) Seriously Good
b) Seriously Hot
c) Seriously Cool

Click here to see the answers >>

Click on the banner below if you would like to find out more about Comic Relief, or make a donation.

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