Tuesday, May 17

English Idioms: Make a Noise

To make a noise about something means to protest loudly about something that you object to, because you believe that it is wrong.

English students in the UK will be making a noise this week on the 19th May, to protest about funding cuts that will affect ESOL (English language) courses beginning this autumn.

image credit: Action For ESOL

The UK government plans to cut most of the money it gives to colleges to run English classes from this September onwards. This is likely to mean that people living in the UK who need to learn English will be expected to pay up to £1000 a year for classes, even if they are on a very low income!

If these proposals become law, many poor and disadvantaged people who live in the UK will be denied access to English classes because they can't afford to pay for them. Some English teachers may lose their jobs as well, because colleges will not be able to afford to run as many courses.

People who believe that this is wrong have signed a petition objecting to the cuts. Some people have also formed a group called Action for ESOL, to protest against the cuts.

Even if you are not affected by the ESOL cuts in the UK, English students and teachers in the UK would be grateful for your support. Please consider signing the petition against the cuts, sharing what is happening on Facebook and Twitter, and passing the word on to your friends.

Thank you.

Sign The Petition Against ESOL Funding Cuts

Visit The Action For ESOL Website