Sunday, June 12

Pre-Intermediate English: Amy Winehouse

This week's lesson for English students is about the British R&B singer Amy Winehouse.

The troubled singer has been in the news this week. She is back in rehab, as part of an ongoing battle against drug and alcohol addiction.

Task 1 - Reading

Click on the link below to read a biography of Amy Winehouse, and do a reading comprehension Quiz.

Amy Winehouse - Multiple Choice Reading Quiz >>

Task 2 - Put Events in Order

Click on the link below to put important events from her life in the order that they happened:

Amy Winehouse - Matching Quiz >>

Task 3 - Vocabulary

Choose the best words from the word cloud below to complete the gaps in the sentences below.

Look up the meaning of any words you don't know in a dictionary.

Singer Amy Winehouse _______ into a _______ clinic recently.

She is having _________ for a _________ problem.

She hopes to be ready in time for her summer ___________.

She was ________ offstage recently at a _________ in Dubai.

Her management blamed technical issues for her poor _______________.

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image credit: Festival Eurockéennes on Wikimedia Commons

Word Cloud created with Tagxedo

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