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English Reading and Listening: London

This quiz about the City of London will help you practise your reading and listening skills.

Watch the slideshow below, and then scroll down the page to see how many questions you can answer.

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Question 1

London has been a major settlement for...?

a) two thousand years

b) ten thousand years

c) two million years

Question 2

What is the population of London?

a) Around seventy five million.

b) Around seven and a half million.

c) Around seventy five thousand.

Question 3

London was founded by...?

a) The Vikings

b) The Romans

c) The Normans

Question 4

When were the boundaries of the city of London laid down?

a) in Viking times

b) in Roman times

c) in the Middle Ages (mediaeval times)

Question 5

London is Governed by...?

a) The House of Lords

b) an elected mayor and the London Assembly

c) The House of Parliament

Question 6

How many different languages are spoken within the city boundaries?

a) almost 100

b) around 200

c) more than 300

Question 7

Which of these tourist attractions is not a World Heritage site:

a) Kew Gardens

b) The Tower of London

c) Madam Tussauds

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