Monday, August 29

Festival Webquest - The Notting Hill Carnival


In this webquest you will learn about the Notting Hill Carnival, a very popular UK event which is celebrated every August bank holiday weekend.

You will also practise reading, writing and listening skills and revise some high frequency English vocabulary for talking about times and places.

Level: Pre-Intermediate and Upwards.

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Task 1

What type of event do you think the Notting Hill carnival is?

Watch this video clip about the Notting Hill Carnival and discuss it with another student and friend.

Task 2

Click on the link below to read a short text about the Notting Hill Carnival, and then answer the following questions:

Read about The Notting Hill Carnival >>

Download a worksheet to go with this activity >>


1) When was the first Notting Hill Carnival held?

2) What type of festival was the Notting Hill Carnival originally?

3) When does the carnival take place?

4) True or false? The Notting Hill carnival is the biggest carnival in the world.

5) How many sound stages are there at the carnival?

6) Which day is the busiest day of the carnival?

7) How many people attend the carnival every year?

8) Where is Notting Hill?

Follow the link below to check your answers and practise using English prepositions:

The Notting Hill Carnival - Prepositions Gap Fill >>


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