Friday, September 9

English Vocabulary: New York's Nicknames

This week's English vocabulary lesson is about nicknames for New York City.

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A nickname is a shortened version of a person's name. For example, my first name is Susan, but most people call me Sue, because that's my nickname.

Nicknames can also be used to describe people, places or things. For example, the popular drink Coca-Cola often goes by the nickname Coke, and the London skyscraper which is offically named 30 St Mary Axe is known as "The Gherkin" by many people, because it is shaped a like a pickle!

This week's listening activity is a quiz about the city of New York, and how the city got some of its nicknames.

New York Nicknames

Listen to the recording and watch the video, and then scroll down the page to answer some questions.

"New York, New York", by Frank Sinatra


1) Why do people give cities nicknames?

2) Which nickname for New York was voted the best nickname for an American City?

3) How many nicknames to describe New York have been recorded?

4) Which nickname for New York did Frank Sinatra sing about in the popular hit song "New York, New York"?

Click on the link below to check your answers and do an online quiz:

Nicknames for New York City - Listening Comprehension Exercise >>

Click on the link below to do a reading and writing activity:

Nicknames for New York City - Gap Fill Quiz >>

Adapted from a Public Domain article by VOA News: Special English

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