Saturday, March 17

Speaking Skills: Accent versus Pronunciation

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Many English students find the difference between accents and pronunciation confusing. An accent is a way of speaking that is particular to a country or region, whereas pronunciation is the way in which words are spoken, and in particular, how clearly the words are pronounced.

The native English speakers in the videos below all share the same regional accent, but the way in which they pronounce words is very different. Some of them have much better pronunciation than others, and are easier to understand. Watch the videos, and then scroll down the page to answer some questions.

Video Clip 1

Video Clip 2

Video Clip 3

Video Clip 4


What type of accent do you think the people in these videos have?

Click here to find out!

Which speaker (or speakers) did you find most difficult to understand? Why?

Which speaker (or speakers) did you find the easiest to understand? Why?

Do you think native English speakers who are from a different region or country might have trouble understanding any of these speakers? If so, which one (s) do you think they might struggle to understand? (and why?)

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