Saturday, May 26

The Weekend Quiz: Using Prepositions

AnswerTips: Double click any word to see a dictionary definition

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How many of these English prepositions do you know?

Look up any words you don't know the meaning of in the dictionary, and then scroll down the page to do a quiz.

Poster Credit: Edward Howell on Wikipedia  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Prepositions Quiz

Choose a preposition or prepositional phrase from the list above to complete these sentences.

1) My bus was late today (because of/against/between) heavy traffic.

2) I often enjoy walking in the park (because of/within/during) my lunch break.

3) The banks are closed (until/to/into) Monday morning.

4) It's very wet (outside/out of/without) today, so take an umbrella if you go out.

5) Take care when stepping (below/off/down) the kerb!

6) Parking (out of/before/in front of) the doctor's surgery is not allowed.

Click on the link below to check your answers.

Using Prepositions - Answers >>

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