Monday, June 11

Word of The Day: Psychic

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A psychic is someone who claims to be able to see events that will happen in the future.

An octopus named Paul made a name for himself a couple of years ago by correctly picking the winners of every match played at the 2010 World Cup. Sadly Paul is no longer with us, but some new animals have stepped up to claim his crown for the 2012 European Football Tournament.

Can psychic animals really predict the results of football matches? Watch the video clips below and let us know what you think :-)

Does Euro 2012's Psychic Pig Funtik Have a Nose for Picking Winners?

Fred The Ferret - The Ukraine's contender for Psychic Animal Champion

Big Huat and Little Huat - Singapore's Psychic Euro 2012 Fish

Citta The Pychic Elephant Picks Polish Euro 2012 Winners

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