Monday, August 6

English Idioms - A Walk in the Park

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The idiom 'a walk in the park' is an expression used to describe something that is really easy to do.

Sports fans have travelled to London from all over the world to see the 2012 Games, but for one Chinese farmer the journey most certainly wasn't a walk in the park. Fifty-seven year old Chen Guanming pedalled over 60,000 kilometers in a pedicab to get to the Games!

Chen Guanming says he loves being in London for the Olympics, and it's good that he feels that way, as his epic bike ride took him around two years to complete! He travelled through sixteen different countries on the way to the London Olympics from his home in eastern China.

Chen, who has become something of a local celebrity in London's Chinatown, says that he is a big fan of the Olympic spirit. "I wanted to express my Olympic spirit and send a message to all the teenagers in the world to help them get over the difficulties they are facing", he said.

Chen's pedicab is plastered with photos of his adventure through just about every weather condition and terrain imaginable. However his epic journey isn't over yet, as he plans to ride his pedicab to North America, through Canada, and then finally to Brazil, for the next Olympic Games once the London Olympics is over.

Before he does that though, Chen plans to take a break and enjoy the rest of the 2012 Olympic Games.

Source: VOA News

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