Saturday, January 19

American Icons: Janis Joplin

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File:Janis Joplin seated 1970.JPG

Legendary U.S. singer Janis Joplin (born January 19, 1943) died tragically of a heroin overdose in 1970, yet her albums still sell briskly today. Three decades after her untimely death, no one can doubt the enduring power of Janis Joplin's voice.

Ms. Joplin is considered a pioneer for many reasons. She was a self-made female star at a time when almost all rock stars were men. Also, in an era when counter-culture fashion dictated a certain drab uniformity, Janis showed a flair for high fashion. She loved being a star and wanted to dress the part. And most importantly, Joplin was one of the first mainstream white entertainers to actively affirm the pure black roots of her act.

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Text source: VOA News      image: public domain. Wikipedia